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Daddy, what are all those big dishes doing on the roofs. I keep seeing more and more of them spreading all over? I even saw one yesterday on the roof of a truck. Oh, that is just for catching movie pictures for putting on the television and for catching the internet on computer. But why do they change over to those dishes and we do not? Oh, it is probably because they like it better and can get some things and channels that we cannot. Does it cost more Daddy? No, I don't think so! Ouch! Why did you kick me? Because I love to surprise you and kid you and - besides, you deserve a little kick Daddy! You should be making Mommy and me happy by saving us some money - and besides, I want to see all the new channels and things, - Daddy. OK bunny, lets go and check into it now. Order the best Free Satellite TV deals you will find from Dish Network here. You have probably noticed the ever increasing numbers satellite dishes popping up on roof tops and even on RV's and Vans and considered and asked yourself the question? What is in it for me? Doesn't cable provide a better option?

The Federal Communications recent ninth annual report on cable and satellite subscribers shows a significant satellite TV subscriber growth rate during the first half of 2002 of 19.3 million to 21.1 million which is a 9 percent increase while the growth rate for cable TV subscribers only increased from 68.6 million to 68.8 million households which is basically flat for the same time period. In fact during 2002 Cable’s market share fell a further 2 percent and now stands at 63 percent. According to a recent Nielson Media Research in the last year television households in the Susquehanna Valley increased by more than 8,700 while in the same period cable households dropped by 17,700. Obviously they are switching to alternative systems which in almost every case will be satellite TV since there is really no other systems that meets most viewers expectations. There are many good reasons why so many are leaving cable and changing to Satellite TV which you can learn about in greater detail here.


With Satellite TV there is the significant savings per channel over cable and the far better picture quality even over the touted new digital capacity that cable TV offers. There is the far greater number and choice of channels such as sports, religious and special language channels - the many superior hardware features and the proven track record of better customer service with less down time.


One of the hottest and newest booming technologies is high speed Satellite internet DSL which is gaining in popularity nation wide. You can't beat a high speed DSL internet connection with no cable or telephone wire required and obviously far less down time and no need of service because it is direct to your dish from outer space. Businesses and individuals who were not located where they could receive high speed internet are now able to receive it and greatly increase enjoyment, profits and saving of time and energy.


If you have cable internet you will discover that it has the capacity at times to be fast but in fact most of the time it is far slower. This is especially true when in highly populated areas where others using the same line jam the speed capacity. In high population areas one will find high speed ADSL far better for speed but the problem is one has to be located only in certain areas in close location to telephone utilities for this. How much better to have Satellite Internet connection with no concern for congestion slow downs or down time because of needing a telephone line or cable line. The information you will receive on this site will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on whether satellite dsl or conventional dsl is best for you.


If you love listening to audio radio entertainment then you will not be able to do without satellite radio which you can listen to just about anywhere. The selection and quality is so good that you might even feel like to took a quantum leap into a new realm.

The race for better technology between satellite, cable and other types of communication providers in order win the consumer is always bringing out better technologies. Satellite tv, satellite dsl, and satellite radio providers have demonstrated that they are providing these better technologies. They are also already developing technologies that will jump ahead of the next breakthrough in the cable industries attempt to win back the consumer.

The following pages will give you the facts including the hardest arguments against satellite for your home or business so that you will know the advantages to having satellite technology for your home or business. Order the best Free Satellite TV deals you will find from Dish Network here.

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